Global Coordinator appointed for Wetlands International / IUCN/SSC Global Freshwater Fish Specialist Group

9 December 2004 SSC is pleased to announce the appointment of Professor Gordon Reid for a three year term as the Coordinator of the Global Freshwater Fish Specialist Group - a collaborative initiative between IUCN/SSC and Wetlands International. This appointment aims to resurrect the activities of the former IUCN/SSC Global Freshwater Fish Specialist Group which has been inactive since 1996. The group plans to hold its first meeting early in 2005 to discuss membership and formalise its new Terms of Reference. Plans and activities for the group will then be posted on both the Wetlands International and IUCN/SSC websites.

Barnard's Rock-catfish (Austroglanis barnardi) 2009 IUCN Red List status: Endangered

Gordon is the current Director of Chester Zoo, UK, and in 2004 became the elected President of the Linnean Society of London - the world’s oldest learned society for botany and zoology, where Darwin and Wallace delivered their original paper on the Origin of Species. The author of more than 150 published works, his research interests include taxonomy, zoogeography and conservation biology, particularly in relation to fishes and aquatic habitats. Gordon has close involvement with a multitude of relevant organisations including the World Association of Zoos and Aquaria (member of the Steering Group for the Aquarium Conservation Strategy, and Chair of the Aquarium Committee). He is therefore in an excellent position to promote the aims and objectives of the Specialist Group. He will be supported in his new role by the relevant officers in Wetlands International and IUCN/SSC, as well as by regional leaders for the group. SSC Global Freshwater Fish Specialist Group // Wetlands International

For more information contact:

Anna Knee or Andrew McMullin, IUCN/SSC Communications Officers, or; Tel: ++41 22 999 0153

Work area: 
Freshwater species
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