Gillian Martin Mehers is CEC Specialty Group Leader for Learning & Leadership

Gillian Martin Mehers invites CEC members to join her in a group focused on innovative informal learning processes and techniques, including the use of Web 2.0 social networking tools. The aim is to enhance professional development and increase productivity and leadership in the sustainable development field.

Gillian Martin Mehers


I have been appointed the new Specialty Group Leader for Learning and Leadership, and I am delighted to be engaged with CEC in this way. I would be very happy to start collaborating with a sub-group of CEC Members who are working actively in learning and leadership. The Learning and Leadership Group will gather practitioners interested in new learning methodologies and applications, such as social learning through Web 2.0 social networking tools, as well as other innovative informal learning processes and techniques. It will explore how these and other learning tools are being applied in professional development contexts to increase productivity and leadership in our field. If you are working in these areas and would like to be connected to peers, please send me an email at


Gillian Martin Mehers is Director and Head of Learning at Bright Green Learning @ Atadore SARL, based in Switzerland. She is also the Vice-President for Europe of the Laboratory for Interactive Learning, which was set up in 2007 by Dennis Meadows, President. Gillian’s expertise is in creating dynamic experiential learning environments, interactive learning design, and innovative curriculum and training materials development. She was formerly the Head of Learning and Leadership at IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) and acted as the lead Process Facilitator in IUCN’s organizational development and change process, which focused on strengthening organizational effectiveness. Prior to IUCN, Gillian was the Director of Capacity Development at LEAD International (Leadership for Environment and Development) in LEAD's London Headquarters.

Gillian is a Certified Professional Facilitator (CPF) and a leadership skills trainer. She has developed and implemented training-of-trainers activities internationally. She is the co-author of Training Across Cultures: A Handbook for Trainers and Facilitators Working Around the World, and has worked in this capacity in more than 45 countries, from Armenia to Zambia. Her blog, which she co-writes with Lizzie Crudgington, You Learn Something New Every Day, focuses on tips and tools for institutional learning and personal effectiveness, particularly focused on the sustainable development community.

Gillian Martin Mehers
Director, Head of Learning
Bright Green Learning @Atadore SARL


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