Getting Outdoors in Paris with the Terre Sauvage Nature Image Awards Exhibition

The city of light just got a bit more colourful with the recent launch of the Terre Sauvage Melvita Nature Images Awards 2014 in association with IUCN and SOS - Save Our Species.


The most beautiful nature images of 2014

Located at the Parc Floral de Paris, in the Bois de Vincennes and running until 30 September 2015, visitors can explore a variety of large wildlife photography prints presented outdoors on a series of 53 all-weather panels while enjoying the park’s natural environs.

Featuring the winners of various categories, such as Man and Nature and Species Stories, the photographs include single shots, portfolios and storytelling series. Winners include seasoned professionals as well as new talent.

Being an international competition, there are winning images from all four corners of the world – nature red in tooth and claw can be exotic irrespective of its origin.

For example, French photographer Philippe Lebeaux’s amazing photo of a tiny insect facing a drop of water is a photo taken near a pond in the Rhône-Alpes region of France.

Meanwhile IUCN Bourse winner for 2015, Pete Oxford’s series poetically documents the relocation of elephants in Kenya. Elephant relocation is a big job and a big news item considering the increasing threat of extinction to elephants due to poaching by international criminal organisations.

Thanks to prizes such as the EUR 4,000 Terre Sauvage IUCN Bourse, photographers like Pete Oxford and in previous years Steve and Ann Toon as well as Samantha Owen have been able to cover important wildlife conservation stories by visiting SOS funded project sites in Belize, Thailand and South Africa respectively.

Their photography and reportage helps illustrate the often untold stories of those working on the frontlines of conservation and brings us closer to the issues at hand. To read Steve and Ann Toon’s article about Siamese Rosewood poaching click here.

As a result of this year’s prize, Pete Oxford is travelling to Belize to cover a story about Hammerhead Shark conservation along the Meso-American reef system.

In the coming weeks he will be visiting an SOS-funded project implemented by Mar Alliance to document the team’s work and seek out the rare and elusive Hammerheads of Belize. That story will be featured in an upcoming Terre Sauvage edition in 2015.

For the meantime, nature lovers and photography enthusiasts visiting Paris can find the Nature Image Awards exhibition at Esplanade du Château de Vincennes Road Pyramid, Bois de Vincennes - Paris 12th Arrondissement.

And why not download a free digital copy of the Terre Sauvage IUCN Special Edition, available in English, to view on the way to the exhibit by clicking the link to the right of this article.


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