Gaming for good: RuneScape raises awareness of rhino conservation challenge

RuneScape has joined United for Wildlife to raise awareness of the illegal trade of rhino horn. A multiplayer online role-playing game, RuneScape has millions of players around the world and takes place in a fantasy world called Gielinor, made up of kingdoms, regions and cities.

RuneScape & United for Wildlife raise awareness for rhino conservation

For the next two weeks RuneScape members can adopt a White or Black Royal Rhino by visiting two of United For Wildlife’s young conservationists in-game. Trang Nguyen and Mauricio Guerra are immortalised in the game after having their voices recorded for use as special characters. They will interact with other players in a game location called Burthorpe, providing facts and explaining the plight of the rhinos and the dangers they face from poachers in the wild.

Trang and Maruicio are supported by Fauna & Flora International, one of the seven charities including IUCN that make up United for Wildlife. This partnership with United for Wildlife is the latest charity initiative supported by RuneScape and Jagex.

Ros Aveling, deputy CEO, Fauna & Flora International said, “As a member of the United for Wildlife collaboration I’m delighted that we’ve been able to combine our collective conservation aims with RuneScape’s passionate audience. Innovative approaches to reaching a younger audience, who are traditionally hard to engage in conservation, are vital to the success of United for Wildlife and to the protection of Critically Endangered wildlife.”

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Regional species initiatives
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