Funding nature in Serbia and Montenegro

IUCN prepared an overview of potential donors for nature conservation and environmental protection in Serbia and Montenegro, as part of the Capacity building for conservation action project. The information is gathered from available Internet sources of donors in Serbia and Montenegro, and oral communication with IUCN SEE project partners and associates on most relevant nature conservation funding sources in the two respective countries.

People and bees Photo: Szilard Kovacs

The most significant sources of financial support currently identified in Serbia and Montenegro include: national authorities (national and local governments), EU assistance, bilateral donors and companies. In general, assistance to the environmental sector represents only a small percentage of overall assistance channelled to the Western Balkans region. It is a challenge to provide sufficient financing in this area as national sources of funding are not developed enough and there is a lack of coordination in the international donor community. At present, EU accession is a key driving force in environmental protection, and European Union represents the most influential donor in the region. Therefore, in order to improve their financial sustainability, CSOs and institutions in Serbia and Montenegro must develop their capacities to absorb financial resources provided through the EU accession process and by currently available donors in the area of environmental protection and nature conservation.

For more information please contact Aleksandra Nesic, Operations Officer, IUCN Programme Office for South Eastern Europe.

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