Full of eastern promise - CEL Specialists meet on the Bosphorus

On 29-30 June, the Chairs of the 12 Specialist Groups of IUCN's Commission on Environmental Law (CEL) met in Istanbul to discuss how to coordinate their work, to ensure that the Specialist Groups complement each others' efforts and contribute to the work of IUCN.

CEL Specialist Group Chairs

The CEL Chair, Sheila Abed, invited representatives from each IUCN Region to the meeting. For the first time, the Chairs of the Specialist Groups were able to discuss the ways in which CEL may more effectively meet the needs of IUCN Members and the IUCN Secretariat. The Head of the Environmental Law Programme (ELP) and Director of the Environmental Law Centre (ELC), Dr. Alejandro Iza also participated, as well as CEL Steering Committee Member Prof. Antonio Herman Benjamin. Their presence contributed to the success of the meeting.

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Environmental Law
Environmental Law
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