Former IUCN Vice-President becomes leader of Australian Green Party

IUCN welcomes the election of Christine Milne as leader of the Greens, one of the most popular political parties in Australia.

Christine Milne, IUCN Vice-President

Senator Milne was an IUCN Councillor for eight years, serving as one of four Vice Presidents from 2005 to 2008. The setting up of IUCN’s regional Oceania office in Fiji and the increased support for the work of IUCN’s World Heritage team are two achievements she is particularly proud of during this time.

Protection of the environment and natural recourses remain top priorities for the Australian Greens, which hold the balance of power in the Senate, the Australian parliament’s upper house. With more than 24 years experience in conservation, the newly elected party leader said she will challenge the industry’s views on climate and described a low-carbon economy as the way forward.


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