Forests in landscapes: ecosystem approaches to sustainability

Author(s): Sayer, Jeffrey, ed.; Maginnis, Stewart, ed.; Laurie, Michelle, ed.
IUCN, Forest Conservation Programme
Published: 2005
Series: The Earthscan Forestry Library
ISBN: 1-88407-195-2
Forests in landscapes: cover

London : Earthscan, 2005. xv, 257p. : fig, maps.

Recent innovations in Sustainable Forest Management and Ecosystem Approaches are resulting in forests increasingly being managed as part of the broader social-ecological systems in which they exist. Forests in Landscapes reviews changes that have occurred in forest management in recent decades. Case studies from Europe, Canada, the United States, Russia, Australia, the Congo and Central America provide a wealth of international examples of innovative practices. Cross-cutting chapters examine the political ecology and economics of forest management, and review the information needs and the use and misuse of criteria and indicators to achieve broad societal goals for forests. A concluding chapter draws out the key lessons of changes in forest management in recent decades and sets out some thoughts for the future.

Note: Includes bibliographic references

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