The Forests Dialogue - Scoping Dialogue on Forests and Climate, <br>9 December 2007

With increased recognition of the value of forests in the climate change debate since the UNFCC Conference in Bali,  “The Forests Dialogue” map out their strategic road ahead…


On 9 December 2007, TFD convened an initial scoping dialogue under the theme

of forests and climate in Bali, Indonesia coinciding with the 13th Conference of the Parties of the United Nations’ Framework Convention on Climate Change. The objective of the dialogue was to develop key issues from which to base a future outcome-oriented, dialogue-based initiative that would strive to make a real impact on future climate arrangements. The dialogue brought together 30 leading actors working in this area representing government, forest products companies, environmental NGOs, investment firms, customers, intergovernmental organisations, labor and researchers. It was hosted at the Samdhana Center in Prana Dewi. More information about TFD and its other initiatives can be found at

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