Forest and Farm Facility: Monitoring and Learning Workshop

A two-day workshop, on “Forest and Farm Facility Monitoring and Learning,” jointly organized by IUCN Nepal, along with FFF Nepal partners and FAO Rome, took place on August 18-19, 2014 at Kathmandu, Nepal.

Participants of the Workshop Photo: IUCN

This workshop followed several recent FFF activities that have been conducted in Nepal, including an FFF Myanmar Exchange visit from June 9-13 and a Learning Workshop on June 14-15, 2014. During this visit, colleagues involved in the FFF Project in Myanmar visited Nepal in order to learn about community-based forest product enterprises.
Approximately 50 participants from relevant government ministries (including concerned Ministries, FNCSI, DFO, DADO, etc.), national and international non-governmental organizations, consultants, media and other stakeholders participated in the Monitoring & Learning (M&L) workshop.
The workshop achieved the goal of helping to finalize the FFF Nepal M&L Framework, which will be used to assess FFF programme progress and provide a positive feedback loop through which participant and partner feedback will be actively incorporated into programme activities. After providing an overview of the M&L Framework, participants were randomly divided into three focus groups: Group 1 represented advocacy, Group 2 represented business and Group 3 represented cross-sectoral groups. With facilitation by FFF partners of Nepal, each group worked on Pillars 1 and 2 of the M&L Framework. Participants within each group discussed elements of the M&L Framework, and filled in information related to current/baseline conditions and methods for verifying progress. Each group then presented their findings to the workshop at large. Active discussion and exchange of ideas followed the presentations.
With the final verification of the M&L Framework and other workshop feedback in process, FFF programme implementation in two selected districts is poised to commence. In addition, network formation and cross-sectoral platform establishment have already occurred. Remaining activities for this year are on-target to be completed by December 2014.

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