Forecasting the path towards a net positive impact on biodiversity for Rio Tinto QMM


by Anstee, Stuart, Ekstrom, Jonathan M.M., Pilgrim, John D., Rabenantoandro, Johny, Ramanamanjato, Jean-Baptiste, Randriatafika, Faly, Temple, Helen J., Vincelette, Manon.

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This publication aims to provide the data, theory, and predictions for the potential long-term outcome of a biodiversity conservation programme at a mining site. The Rio Tinto ilmenite mine in southeastern Madagascar, run by QIT Madagascar Minerals (Rio Tinto QMM), has been chosen as a pilot site to test the tools designed to achieve and quantify net positive impact (NPI) on biodiversity. In the present analysis, biodiversity losses and gains were measured and forecast for the period 20042065 (i.e. from the date of the NPI commitment to the anticipated date of mine closure), in order to determine whether the current and proposed mitigation activities of Rio Tinto QMM are sufficient to achieve NPI by closure.

Anstee, Stuart
Ekstrom, Jonathan M.M.
Pilgrim, John D.
Rabenantoandro, Johny
Ramanamanjato, Jean-Baptiste
Randriatafika, Faly
Temple, Helen J.
Vincelette, Manon
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Previsiones conducentes a un impacto neto positivo sobre la biodiversidad en las operaciones de Rio Tinto QMM
Prévoir le chemin vers l'atteinte d'un impact positif net sur la biodiversité pour Rio Tinto QMM
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