Five new African World Heritage sites

Five new African world heritage sites were inscribed this year on the World Heritage List, including the first site for Chad (Lakes of Ounianga), Cameroon, Congo and the Central African Republic (Sangha Tri national). The additions include Morocco’s elegant capital city (Rabat); the old colonial capital of Cote d’Ivoire (Grand-Bassam); a diverse “cultural landscape” in rural Senegal (Bassari, Fula and Bedik).

Chad - Ounianga-Serir - Formations de grès Lac Teli

A series of freshwater lakes nestled amongst the dunes in the heart of the Sahara; and an intriguing rainforest where gorillas share salt-lick clearings with forest elephants. The process of getting each new site added to the World Heritage List is a long and rigorous one designed to ensure that only the ‘best of the best’ places achieve this coveted status. 

We invite you to contribute to the development of the prestigious World Heritage List by making your own nomination(s) for consideration in 2015.

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