Fishy Talk with Nik Lopoukhine

Despite some progress at the CBD meeting in Bonn, IUCN wants to see more concrete action and not more talk. In particular, the situation of high seas biodiversity has reached a critical point and the patchy governance system of our oceans has been an obstacle to action for too long.

Interview with Nik Lopoukhine, Chairman of IUCN's World Commission on Protected Areas

This COP, the last before 2010, provides the final opportunity for countries to agree plans to honour their commitments to reduce biodiversity loss by 2010 and to establish networks of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs), including areas beyond national jurisdiction, by 2012. Unless urgent progress is made, IUCN estimates the 2012 goal won’t be met till 2060 at the earliest, half a century past the agreed target.

Nik Lopoukhine, is the Chairman of IUCN's World Commission on Protected Areas. He tells us what he'd like to see coming out of the marine talks here at CBD.

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