Fishing for success

Strict protection of a wetland area in Bangladesh paid off with bigger and more plentiful fish for local people.

Fishing in the Tanguar Haor Photo: IUCN Bangladesh

The Tanguar Haor wetland area was brought under protection by the Sunamganj District administration in 2004 and all fishing was banned. The move was deemed a success when the first fish harvesting pilot project four years later in January 2009 brought in bigger fish – and more of them.

Historically, the fishing rights to Tanguar Haor were leased out to a small number of influential people, which had led to a serious imbalance in access to the resources of the area.

The co-management project is replacing the traditional leasing system with a resource-sharing approach in which the local communities around the haor share equitably in the management and the resources of the wetland.

The project is being developed and implemented by IUCN Bangladesh and its partners Intercooperation, CNRS, BELA and ERA on behalf of the Ministry of Environment and Forest from the Government of Bangladesh, with financial support from the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC).

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