First West Asia Regional Committee meeting held in Amman

The West Asia Regional Committee (WARC) held its first meeting on January 21, 2008 in Jordan. The meeting was hosted by IUCN West Asia/ Middle East (WAME) Regional Office at the invitation of Dr. Odeh Al Jayyousi, IUCN WAME Regional Director.

Left to right: IUCN Vice President Mr Javed Jabbar, WARC Chair Eng. Mohamed Shahbaz, Jordanian Ministry of Environment Secretary General Eng Faris Al Juneidi and IUCN WAME Regional Director Dr Odeh Al Jayyousi

In their first meeting, the committee focused on the definition of strategic priorities in the region. This process will further define management mechanism in order to tackle these environmental topics in the region. This new initiative is deeply supported by IUCN WAME as a method to share knowledge on governance practices and to allow active participation of its members in the decision-making process.

The participants also explored the possibilities of active participation in the upcoming IUCN congress in Barcelona, with the aim of being actively present in all key activities.

The WARC was created during the last Regional Conservation Forum that was held in Iran in May 2007. The committee is chaired by Eng. Mohamed Shahbaz, President of the Jordan Badia Research and Development Center. Representatives of the committee came from Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Iran and Pakistan. The meeting was held in the presence of IUCN Vice President Mr Javed Jabbar, West Asia Regional Councillors Dr Ali Darwish and Dr Talal Al Azimi. IUCN Asia Regional Director Ms Aban Kabraji and IUCN CEL member Sharifa Nawzat IUCN CEL Vice Chair Ms. AL-Sharifeh Nawzat bint Ali have also attended this meeting.

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