First plenary meeting of IPBES (IPBES- 1)

21-26 January 2013
Bonn, Germany

The meeting will aim to agree on the remaining rules of procedures for the meetings of the platform, consider other rules of procedure for the platform, elect Bureau and Multidisciplinary Expert Panel members, and agree on the next steps by which the IPBES work programme can become operational as soon as possible.

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IPBES-1 will be hosted by the Government of Germany and will be a meeting of Members of the Platform's plenary, with observers. Regional and stakeholder consultations will take place one day prior to the meeting on Sunday, 20 January 2013.

Side events will include:

  • Monday 21 January  - Capacity building for IPBES - Share ideas and view BES-Net website demo
  • Tuesday 22 January - Key elements of a Conceptual Framework for IPBES
  • Wednesday 23 January - Synergies and benefits offered by the Sub-global Assessment (SGA) Network and TEEB for IPBES
  • Thursday 24 January - Indigenous and Local Knowledge in IPBES - Building Synergies with Science
  • Friday 25 January - Regional support approaches to IPBES - Europe as showcase
  • Saturday 26 January  - Essential Biodiversity Variables
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