The First National CBD report drafted for Palestine

Held in Jordan, the final preparation for  the First National Report on the Convention of Biological Diversity CBD for Palestine was held in Amman over two days on 25-26 Octover 2015.

The preparation of this national report is in partnership between the UNEP, IUCN ROWA and the Environmental authority in Palestine. Different stakeholders and relevant institutions including NGOs, universities and scientific research centers from Palestine have joined the workshop. This report is considered the first ever report for the CBD in Palestine.

The report was prepared in specifications required by the Convention was divided into three parts: The importance of biodiversity conservation to Palestine and how it relates to the lives and welfare of the communities; The second part focused on the strategy and The third part focused on goals and objectives related to (Aichi targets).

The report will document information on the biodiversity of the Palestine and future areas of work that will be adopted by the Authority.

For more information; kindly contact:

Dr. Hany El Shaer
Programme Manager

[email protected]

West Asia
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