First IPBES Stakeholder Day

2 October 2011
Nairobi, Kenya

Attended by 51 participants from a broad range of civil society and scientific community organisations, this meeting was an opportunity to share views on the operationalisation of IPBES and on the involvement of non-governmental stakeholders in the IPBES process.


UNEP has been working in cooperation with UNESCO, FAO and UNDP, and in close consultation with other relevant organizations, to convene the plenary meeting in 2011 and ensure that IPBES is set up in the best way possible. This includes working with United Nations agencies, various multilateral environmental agreements and other relevant stakeholders from the scientific community and broader civil society, including non‐governmental organizations and the private sector.

Given the importance of stakeholders in the IPBES process, this one‐day work shop was an opportunity to:

  • receive background information on the IPBES process so far;
  • receive information on the objectives and documentation of the upcoming two sessions of a plenary meeting to fully operationalise IPBES;
  • discuss the role of stakeholders in the operationalisation of IPBES including modalities of engagement and participation;
  • discuss positions from stakeholders and interventions to be made during the first session.

The meeting took place prior to the First session of a plenary meeting on IPBES and was organised by UNEP, in collaboration with UNESCO, FAO and UNDP, and co-chaired by IUCN and the International Council for Science (ICSU).

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