Filming launched: International documentary on IUCN project

IUCN will soon start shooting a video documentary aimed to the Albanian and international public and dercribing the project achievements and challenges. Through an international tendering process, the Italian film production company “Terra Incognita” has been selected to produce the documentary.

Terra Incognita

Fabio Toncelli, film director and Terra Incognita co-founder, started that he is very excited to lead this film production and that he believes that the beauty of the Albanian landscapes will surprise the spectators. ”I would like to show the fascinating challenge of IUCN to support such precious natural areas, and thus contributing to building a brighter future for nature and people”, Mr. Tonceli added. The documentary’s main aim is to raise public awareness of the importance of preserving the natural environment and the need to properly plan and manage the protected areas network. Once completed, the documentary will be broadcast on European and Albanian televisions in nature-focused TV programmes. The documentary shooting will start in February 2013.

Prepared by Andrea GHIURGHI, IUCN.

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