Film Puts Human Face on Climate Change in India

CEC member Krishnendu Bose is an independent filmmaker from India. He shares his recent production, a six-minute film that puts a human face on climate change with the story of a girl from the Sunderbans area of India, impacted by rising sea levels.  

Anjona, 13, lost her home to the rising sea in the Sunderbans, India Photo: Krishnendu Bose

In the last few years, sea levels have been rising in the Sunderbans, West Bengal. The rise is about 3mm as against the global average of 2mm. Our story is about Anjona, this 13-year-old girl, who defines the human face of this environmental disaster in the making. She is another environmental migrant, like the thousands before her, who is vulnerable and powerless against the fury of the sea. Commissioned by NDTV 24X7. This film was broadcast widely on the first-ranked Indian cable channel New Delhi Television.

Krishnendu Bose
Earthcare Productions
B-91, Defence Colony
New Delhi

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