Explore amazing Australia with Tonia on a Congress field trip

The IUCN World Parks Congress is now less than 10 months away, but it isn’t all work and no play. There are a number of Congress Field Trips available for your participation, pre and post the event. From the stunning peaks and canyons of the Greater Blue Mountains, the lushness of Australia’s Wet Tropics to the stoic ruggedness and cultural significance of Uluru, the field trips will showcase innovative partnerships and projects across the beautiful and diverse Australian landscape.

Dr Tonia Cochran

Dr Tonia Cochran is one of the Field Trip leaders, by joining her, participants will travel to Tasmania, one of Australia’s wildest and most impressive states. Over 40 percent of the island state is protected and is replete with interesting and endemic species. Tonia has a strong connection to Tasmania, having set up a private 500 acre reserve to protect the habitat of Tasmania’s endemic birds and wildlife.

Tonia is relishing the opportunity to host a Congress Field Trip to engage with people from similar fields but from different countries with different challenges and experiences. “It provides an amazing opportunity to learn, interact and share,” said Tonia.

To book a field trip or to find out more, please visit: www.worldparkscongress.org.au

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