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Taking care of Nahʔą Dehé - Nahʔą Dehé K’éodíi

Virginia Falls, Nahanni National Park Reserve Photo: PARKS Canada

Nahanni National Park Reserve of Canada is located in the southwest corner of the Northwest Territories, in the traditional territory of the Dehcho First Nations.

Until now, Nahanni has covered an area of 4,766 km2, and encompassed only the lower reaches of the South Nahanni and Flat Rivers.  The massive expansion announced today by the Government of Canada increases the size of the park reserve by over six times!

Parks Canada and Dehcho First Nations worked together over many years to fulfill the dream of protecting the Greater Nahanni Ecosystem in the Dehcho, and now that dream has come true.
Nahanni’s new boundary will now protect over 30,000 km2 of crucial habitat for grizzly bears, woodland caribou and Dall’s sheep. It will protect the length of the South Nahanni River in the Dehcho, the highest mountains and largest glaciers in the NWT and the deepest canyons in Canada.  The globally unique caves, canyons, rock towers, poljes and sinkholes of the Nahanni North Karst will be inside the new park boundary.

Map of Nahanni expansion Download a printable version of the map (PDF 2 MB)
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Canadians and international visitors will be able to experience Nahanni in new and exciting ways. The Greater Nahanni Ecosystem has world-renowned places for canoeing, rafting, backpacking, climbing, mountaineering, camping, flight-seeing and day hikes. Places with exciting names and even more exciting features, such as Hole-in-the-Wall Lake, Cirque of the Unclimbables, Death Lake and the Tlogotsho Plateau, will now be protected for all time.

The expanded Nahanni is Canada’s gift to future generations.

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