EVENT: Sharing benefits and values from transboundary conservation

Transboundary conservation is an essential, cross-cutting theme with varying levels of importance across time and regions. This workshop will present key achievements and approaches in transboundary conservation from selected regions in order to help share knowledge, experience, solutions, and advance global transboundary conservation practice.

Eastern European Green Belt Photo: IUCN
  • DATE: 11 September 2012
  • TIME: 14:30 - 16:30
  • ROOM: Yeongju Hall A

The workshop will draw insights from some of the most prominent transboundary initiatives and case studies including the European Green Belt, Korean Demilitarized Zone (DMZ), cooperation in protected areas of South-Eastern Europe (SEE), Central America and the Himalayan region. There will be speakers from many stakeholders including protected area management agencies, local government and NGOs.

Following these key presentations will be a moderated discussion between the panel of experts and the audience. This segment of the workshop will encourage open and interactive dialogue on the current state of and future prospects for transboundary conservation.

This workshop is organized by IUCN WCPA (World Commission on Protected Areas) Transboundary Conservation Specialist Group, BfN (German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation) and the Korea National Park Service.

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