The European Union needs to live up to the Paris commitments

Today, a major new coalition of businesses, cities, trade unions and NGOs are calling on EU leaders to act on the Paris Agreement and ensure that EU climate policies are coherent with its goals.

The new informal Coalition for Higher Ambition is an unprecedented gathering of IUCN and other stakeholders, standing together to influence Heads of State and Ministers ahead of the 4 March Environment Council and the 17-18 March European Council. They form the largest and most diverse such grouping in Europe on this topic.

On both occasions, governments are expected to assess the results of the Paris summit and look at its implications for the EU's climate and energy policies. The statement also comes prior to the imminent release of Commission’s working document on implementing the Paris Agreement. The Coalition believes that there is a real risk that the current level of ambition of legislation on the table is going to damage Europe’s chances of reaching the goals of the Paris Agreement.

The organisations are calling upon Europe to act to transform the Paris outcomes into reality through the development of a robust and ambitious European policy framework, which will allow the EU to become a net zero-carbon economy and create the jobs, growth and competiveness needed. According to the stakeholders, the goals agreed in Paris require the EU leaders to increase the 2030 and 2050 climate targets.

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