European Union must strengthen Natura 2000

THE LATEST – Governments will have to prepare their protected areas for climate change. The better sites are connected, the better species can adapt as their climatic zones shift. The European Union’s protected area network Natura 2000 can serve as an example globally – but it must be fully implemented. Natura 2000 currently covers 20% of the EU’s land area.


Natura 2000 - Europe's nature for you. Photo: European Union European Commission Environment

THE QUOTE – “Natura 2000 is the most successful instrument to achieve the 2010 biodiversity target in Europe,” says Julia Marton-Lefèvre, IUCN Director General. “Its full implementation will help us to adapt to climate change and to protect the environment.”


Background: The Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), with 168 Parties signing since 1993, aims to promote "the conservation of biological diversity, the sustainable use of its components, and the fair and equitable sharing of benefits arising out of the utilisation of genetic resources." The high level ministerial segment will take place during the second week (28-30 May). Several other high level events are planned for the second week including the Mayors Conference “Local Action for Biodiversity” (26-28 May) and the Global Island Partnership event (27 May).


Key Issues:

· Bonn is the last formal international gathering where meaningful progress toward the achievement of the 2010 biodiversity target can be made.

· The role women play in biodiversity must be recognized in Bonn.

· Governments must take into account the economic cost of losing biodiversity.

· Climate change and biodiversity loss are interlinked.


Events and Material for Media:


Invitation to Press

Wednesday 28 May - 1500-1530

IUCN and WWF closing Press Briefing on CBD

Main Press Room in Media Centre - Basement of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, Heinemannstrasse 2, Bonn


Thu 29 May 0830-1000 - Press Briefing Women Ministers and Environment Leaders

Thu 29 May 1500-1530 - IUCN Press Briefing in CBD Media Centre

Fri 30 May - Closing Press Statement


IUCN Booth and Interview Lounge where press can speak with IUCN experts – open throughout CBD at Kiesinger Straße, area 4, booth No. 80. All related press materials, audio, video, photos and blogs can be downloaded at:


Spokespersons: Julia Marton-Lefèvre, IUCN’s Director General. Bill Jackson, IUCN’s Deputy Director General. Jeffrey McNeely, IUCN’s Chief Scientist. Jane Smart, Head of IUCN’s Species Programme. Carl Gustaf Lundin, Head of IUCN’s Marine Programme. Sebastian Winkler, Head of IUCN’s Countdown 2010. Lorena Aguilar Revelo, Head of IUCN’s Gender Programme


Media team: Brian Thomson, IUCN Global Communications, m+491706938536 Sarah Halls, IUCN Global Communications, m+49170 7214198 e Wiebke Herding, IUCN Global Communications, t +49 177240 9042 e


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