European Parliament hosts NetBiome-CSA conference

The European Bureau for Conservation and Development (EBCD) organised the final conference of NetBiome-CSA last Wednesday 6th of April entitled “Boosting Biodiversity Research Cooperation – A NetBiome Roadmap for European (sub)Tropical Overseas”.  

Carole Martinez, NetBiome-CSA Advisory Board Member

The International Conference took place at the European Parliament in Brussels and included a series of presentations and interactions between experts, policy makers and coordinators of NetBiome-funded research projects to showcase how ORs and OCTs can advance biodiversity conservation in support of sustainable development. As well as discussing and raising European awareness for the importance of biodiversity in EU Overseas, focus was also placed on the next steps of partnership to strengthen participatory and communicative management and to match policy recommendations to research priorities.

Attended by over 60 participants from different EU overseas entities and mainland Europe, the event’s first panel, chaired by Colin Hindmarch (NetBiome-CSA Advisory Board Member) concentrated on achievements of overseas research cooperation and strengthening of links and networks among ORs, OCTs and EU mainland.

Carole Martinez (NetBiome-CSA Advisory Board Member) chaired the second panel, which focused on the successful strengthening of European Research Cooperation in (sub)tropical biodiversity in ORs and OCTs through the NetBiome-CAS project. Also presented were the four main challenges along with the policy recommendations and research priorities for research cooperation.

Building on the success of the project and the work carried out with over 150 stakeholders to help enhance and achieve knowledge-based decision-making in marine and coastal issues for developing research calls, future options for maintaining the NetBiome network are currently being discussed.

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