The European Green Belt - a Chance For People and Nature

During the 22nd to the 24th of October 2009 a major conference entitled The European Green Belt - a Chance For People and Nature was held in Linz.

Lee Dudley Photo: Lee Dudley

The European Green Belt spans 23 countries and this conference brought speakers from across the initiative area to present the lessons learnt and experiences to date. Prior to the conference there was the meeting of European Green Belt partners including the key contacts. The continued support of the Coordinator role through IUCN was warmly welcomed and key development issues were discussed including the review of the initiatives goals which will be taken forward by the new IUCN Green Belt Coordinator, Lee Dudley. Also advocated was a stronger coordination role to build the partnerships along and within boundaries and to build political public awareness alike. If an increase in awareness can be achieved then promoting emergent initiatives such as utilising redundant military installations for habitat enhancement will be more easily achieved.
The Conference officially closed on the 23rd October, but many stayed on for an excursion to the Austrian section of the European Green Belt at Leopoldschlag.

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Lee Dudley, Greenbelt Coordinator, IUCN Programme Office for South-Eastern Europe,

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