European Day of Parks

"See the sky, touch a tree, feel the air and find yourself! Europe’s natural parks – a living health spa for stress fatigued Europeans." This event, organized by EUROPARC, takes place on 24th May 2012 in more than 50 parks in 20 countries.

European Day of Parks Photo: EUROPARC

In these financially stressful times, people are looking for healthy, peaceful experiences that take them away from their day-to-day worries. Especially ones that are not only good for the body and soul but also ones that do not strain the family budget.

EUROPARC has the answera free sensory experience in nature!

Nature and National Parks across Europe invite you to celebrate nature, to see the sky, touch a tree, feel the air and find yourself. Hundreds of events from the West to the East of Europe will remind Europeans of the great free resources our protected areas consist of. A whole host of exciting events are taking place to celebrate European Day of Parks on 24th May 2012.

Events range from, 'Renewable Energies Music' at Parque Regional el Valle y Carrascoy in Spain, 'Spiritual Health: Mindfulness, Yoga and Silence Walks' at Zuid-Kennemerland Park, Netherlands, a Boat Trip for the local community in Bosnia Herzegovina's Hutovo Blato Park lakes to learn about its rich biodiversity, multimedia shows at Alparc, Switzerland, and talks on environmental quality and sustainability, to name but a few. The diversity of events emphasize the great potential of parks to address different groups, from tourists to university students and from local farmers to the media. More than 50 parks in 20 countries await visitors with a wide range of events and activities to reconnect with nature.

The EUROPARC Federation, founded in 1973, is a non-governmental organisation and a member of IUCN. It has since grown to become Europe’s largest protected areas network and currently has over 420 members spanning 35 countries. EUROPARC is built on the principle that Europe’s natural heritage is better conserved and managed through international cooperation. To this end the organisation seeks opportunities for networking, exchange and collaboration in all areas of protected area work.

So, rediscover Europe’s natural parks – a living health spa for stress fatigued Europeans.

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