EU Calls opportunities for IUCN Members

The IUCN Brussels office has issued a new IUCN EC Funding Information for the month of June, containing a selection of recent Calls for Proposals and Calls for Tenders.

European Commission Photo: European Commission

The Calls for Proposals as well as the Calls for Tenders included are world widely spread: Covering various geographic regions from Latin America to Myanmar including Mauritius and Belize, most of them aspire to extend their action to a global scale, such as the
Horizon 2020 Program

But Europe and especially the Mediterranean region is not moved aside: the calls for tenders gather many European projects for biodiversity, ecosystems services, nature legislation, climate, Invasive alien species, waste water treatment… We can cite as an example the Natura 2000 program, which is an ecological network of protected areas in the territory of the Union.The tools considered to complete these actions successfully are very different from one project to another: Trading system, communication materiel, studies, web platform, technical assistance, etc. 

The tenders cover very diverse themes and tools proposed, all of them gather under the same topical subject of environment’s conservation. The calls can be consulted by IUCN Members by accessing the Union Portal. 

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