EU ACP Cultures projects, 'Music Bridges': a cross-cultural music camp in Santo, Vanuatu

When music bridges not just people, but in a continental kind of way Singaot (for the) Miusik Kamp! This overview details a current EU ACP Cultures project, 'Music Bridges', which is currently in preparation stage for a cross-cultural music camp in Santo, Vanuatu for September/October.

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The initiative is a partnership between a European NGO in Italy (COSV) a Pacific music organisation in Vanuatu (Further Arts), and an association in Southern Africa's Mozambique (Music Crossroads), funded by the European Union's ACP Cultures II + ACP Films II Grant.

These partners are working towards a shared path involving local, regional and international music stakeholders to reinforce the music industry and create the necessary conditions for young local musicians to generate income from their music production whilst reinforcing traditional cultural or 'kastom' values and how these elements can be brought into the global music industry without compromising the traditional culture.



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Social Policy
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