Establishment of a Green Corner at the Balochistan Girls Guide Association

Quetta, May 27, 2010: An awareness raising event was organized by the Balochistan Girls Guide Association. The topic of the event was Current Water Situation of Water and its Conservation. Ms. Faryal Ahmed, Communication and ESD Officer was invited to deliver a lecture to the participants on the water conservation techniques.


In her speech she stressed on the importance of fresh water in human life. She also shared the concern that due to fast declining of water table in Balochistan province the situation is becoming very alarming. She mentioned that many districts and city areas of Quetta city are facing acute water shortage. She informed the participants about the dangers the country is facing due to sever water shortage. There are two main reasons, one is natural i.e. prolonged drought which is beyond the control of human beings and the other is due to lack of proper water resource management.

She shared some useful tips with the participants for conserving water in their daily lives. She also mentioned that usage of water in a responsible manner is defined in every religion very comprehensively, therefore in the light of the religious teachings we can reap the blessings of nature by conserving water responsibly.

The students and teachers proactively participated and asked questions during the question answer session. IUCN publications were also given to the Institution for establishment of a Green Corner and Education for Sustainable Development section in their Library.

At the closing Mrs. Ishrat Alliani provincial president of the Balochistan Girls Guide Association applauded IUCN’s role and contribution in establishing the Green Corner at the Balochistan Girls Guide Association library.

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