Environmental journalists hold forum and first network meeting

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A post-WTO boom in economic activities in Viet Nam will almost certainly impact Viet Nam’s ecosystems and biodiversity.  Communication to the public about environmental issues is an important tool for building awareness and inspiring action. Environmental journalists play an important role in this effort – an effort which the Viet Nam Forum for Environmental Journalists (VFEJ) aims to support. 

The VFEJ is a forum for journalists, scientists, managers, and environmentalists to share information, expertise and experiences in environment related issues and to promote professional collaboration of environmental journalists. Its mission is to motivate and assist Vietnamese environmental journalists to actively contribute to environmental protection for sustainable development through journalism.  VFEJ members were able to come together to share information and experiences in environment-related issues at a meeting in Hanoi on 16 December.   

At this meeting – the first-ever convening of members of the national network for environmental journalists – participants also discussed how they could best use the network to collaborate. Under the framework agreement between IUCN Viet Nam and Sida, IUCN Viet Nam provided technical and financial support to the VFEJ to host the meeting and for developing a monthly bulletin.  The VFEJ will continue to work to expand the network’s membership and to build the capacity of environmental journalists.

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