Enhancement of Bangladesh’s capacity to participate in Road to Copenhagen negotiations and enhancement of capacity in post-Copenhagen regime

Bangladesh plays an active part in climate change negotiations through the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

Forest damage caused by Cyclone Sidr in 2007 Photo: IUCN / Nasim Aziz

 It is important for Bangladesh to address the drivers of climate change through international negotiations and work around a well defined position on climate change issues. International negotiations have entered into an important phase. The Road Map started in Bali in December 2007 and progressed in Copenhagen in December 2009 raised a number of actions to be implemented by 2012 and beyond.

  Awareness about these negotiations and the relationship between climate change and domestic sectors among policy-makers and the general public needs to be increased. Bangladesh needs to determine and measure impacts of climate change in order to prepare for and adapt to environmental changes.    Objectives   IUCN Bangladesh, under the guidance of the Ministry of Environment and Forests, is working to enhance Bangladesh’s capacity for participation in the Road to Copenhagen negotiations and in the post-Copenhagen regime.     Key activities  

  • Prepare position papers for the Bangladesh delegation and support its participation in negotiation meetings
  • Widely disseminate the revised Bangladesh Climate Change Strategy and Action Plan 2009
  • Formulate a monitoring mechanism of evidence of climate change and climate variability for selected indicators
  • Sensitize Members of Parliament on the Copenhagen process and its outcomes
  • Maintain dialogue between the Bangladesh delegation and key negotiators and policy-makers in the United Kingdom.

  Accomplishment highlights  

  • Completed the Bangladesh Position Paper
  • Supported participation of Bangladesh delegations to different climate change discussions in Bonn, Bangkok, Copenhagen and Barcelona
  • Completed the revision of the Bangladesh Climate Change Strategy and Action Plan 2009, its translation to Bangla and wider dissemination
  • Prepared a monitoring protocol to measure the impacts of climate change for eight national sectors
  • Prepared information briefs on adverse impact of climate change on 12 sectors
  • Increased awareness of Members of Parliament and senior government officials through  a number of workshops and seminars.

  The project was supported by UK Aid (Department for International Development) and the Embassy of Denmark.

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