Engaging with Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation in Sri Lanka in restoring a village tank

 IUCN, International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources, Sri Lanka Office (IUCN SL) is negotiating with the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation in Sri Lanka (HSBC) to enter into an agreement to restore a village small tank to bring back its original ecosystem functions.  

 The project will improve the watershed areas of the village tank and improve biodiversity and sustainability, and will also improve soil moisture availability thus providing opportunities for intensive home gardening for household food security.  It is also noted that the communities are more dependent now on products brought in from outside whilst there is considerable capacity for homestead gardening of vegetables, fruits and pulses.  Increased availability of these commodities will improve the access to food by the communities and will also provide an opportunity for the increased household income through selling surplus produce.

This collaboration, which addresses a key thematic area of IUCN, would offer potential site-specific benefits for biodiversity conservation and sustainable livelihoods in the immediate surrounding of the project area. It will also provide an opportunity for Bank’s employees and clients to engage in a conservation related activity, bringing the conservation message to a larger audience. Depending on the success of the project the Bank may replicate the work in other areas of the country. IUCN and its constituency also may get the opportunity of engaging the Bank in execution of IUCN’s programme within and outside the Asia region.


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