Energy security depends on ecosystems

Energy sector leaders and the conservation community agree that energy security is linked to the vitality of ecosystems. They are calling on governments, business and civil society to take measures to safeguard ecosystem services which are critical for the energy sector.

Dams depending on glaciers, such as the Moiry dam in Valais, Switzerland, will need to cope with changing environmental conditions.

Participants at the 3rd Business and Biodiversity Conference, convened this week in Jakarta, Indonesia, by the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) and UNEP, in preparation for the 10th meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the CBD, explored the links between energy security and ecosystems. Participants identified strategies for mitigating against risks introduced from declining ecosystem services, and made several recommendations for action from key players including business, government and civil society.

The group recommended:

1.Governments create incentive mechanisms for the energy sector to value and account for ecosystem services.

2. Governments promote inter-ministerial coordination (energy, environment, agriculture, water, development, etc.)

3. Governments provide support for capacity building to understand links between ecosystem services, energy security and livelihoods.

4. Governments and businesses support pilots of innovative technologies and solutions which combine energy systems, ecosystems and livelihoods.

5. Businesses work with other sectors at the landscape level to identify innovations for sustainable energy options.

6. The CBD business and biodiversity forum should be cross sectoral and designed to promote innovative thinking and problem solving.

7. The CBD Secretariat explores opportunities for enhancing regional and global cooperation on water services.

8. The Global Reporting Initiative works with businesses, governments, civil society and the scientific community to develop indicators and reporting frameworks for ecosystem services and biodiversity.

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Andrea Athanas, IUCN Senior Programme Officer, Business and Biodiversity


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