Empowering Local Communities for Biodiversity Conservation in Vanuatu

Live and Learn Environmental Education has recently received funding from CEPF to carry out a project which aims to address the issue of low awareness about biodiversity conservation among target communities living within and dependent upon key biodiversity hotspots

In Vanuatu the project will focus on Gaua, Santo Mountain Chain and Tongoa-Laika, while in the Solomon Islands, the focus will be on East Rennell.

Without effective biodiversity conservation education, there is an increased risk that local decision makers in these communities will choose unsustainable development options that fail to acknowledge the longer term impacts on biodiversity and its ability to provide ecosystem services, resources and livelihoods. Live and Learn Environmental Education believes that effective biodiversity education can strengthen the resolve of some communities to hold off unsustainable development and increase demand for sustainable alternatives.

The funding from CEPF will provide a good opportunity for Live and Learn to contribute to the effectiveness and efficiency of biodiversity education in Vanuatu and the Solomon Islands using resources that have previously been developed and pre-tested for Melanesia schools, including the Discovering Biodiversity Education Guide.

A project mobilization workshop was held recently in Vanuatu where the Live and Learn Vanuatu project team was trained and equipped with resources and a strategy to deliver locally relevant biodiversity education at the Priority Key Biodiversity Areas in which they will work. Live and Learn hopes that people who participate in the CEPF-funded Biodiversity Conservation Education project will develop a sense of responsibility to their environment, to other people and to the future of both, translating their new found knowledge and skills into action.

For more information about Live & Learn’s CEPF Biodiversity Conservation Education project please contact the Project Coordinator, Jessie Kampai, Tel: (678) 27455/27448, jessie.kampai@livelearn.org

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