Emerging success stories from the Mediterranean

 In the framework of ENPI CBC MED Water-DROP Project “Development Resources Opportunity Policies for the water management in semi-arid areas” (water-DROP.enea.it), coordinated by ENEA and facilitated by IUCN ROWA, an International Capitalization Seminar took place in Rome for capitalizing research project results and experiences.

ENEA capitilization workshop - italy

The focus of the Capitalisation event was to identify emerging good practices and ensure the diffusion, sharing and transfer of results, from different ENPI CBC MED projects and from other Mediterranean cooperation initiatives related to the theme of Water (resource, treatment and management) and environmental sustainability in the perspective of water, food and energy Nexus).

This event aimed at fostering internal and external dissemination of all best practices to selected organisations with a view of promoting the integration of experiences and knowledge, gained from projects, facilitating new cooperation, enhancing results and achievements, exchanging information, creating synergies and fostering new competitive alliances in vue of next ENI CBC MED programming phase (2014-2020). 

IUCN ROWA facilitated part of this event as part of the Water DROP project (The Water Development Resources Opportunity Policies for the Water Management in Semi-arid Areas Project). Jordan was selected as one of six country sites where this global project will be implemented; namely Italy, Cyprus, Lebanon, Palestinian Authority and Spain. The three-year-project, which is implemented by IUCN Regional Office for West Asia (ROWA) and funded by ENEA - Italian National agency for new technologies, Energy and sustainable economic development, aiming at developing an integrated Water Resources Management approach that will co-ordinate water cycle management across sectors with the enforcement of multi-stakeholder partnerships (public and private actors) to put in place the sharing of an innovative water management approach at the Mediterranean Basin level.

As part of this capitalization seminar, His Excellency the Secretary General of the Ministry of Water and Irrigation from Jordan was able to discuss water challenges in the region and further emphasize that knowledge exchange can be key in water governance in the region.


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