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Dear Members, dear readers,

Hans Friederich Photo: IUCN

Happy new year to all!   We at IUCN Europe are very excited about 2012 – lots of new projects and activities lined up on the agenda. This year is the year of the IUCN World Conservation Congress, the largest conservation event worldwide, which will take place in Jeju, Korea in September. Rio+20 in June and the meeting of the Convention on Biological Diversity in October will also be milestones on the path towards a better management of nature and its resources for all.     This month is very special for IUCN Europe. All eyes are on Europe as the IUCN Global Focus is dedicated to this large region stretching from south-west Portugal to north-east Russia and including some overseas territories, like French Guiana in South America. Naturally Europe brings you closer to Europe’s nature and some of the latest discussions and efforts to conserve it.    Do you know how many of the world’s 81 whale species are found in the Canary Islands of Spain? Do you know what percentage of the Europe’s forests are found in Russia? Throughout the whole month, new initiatives, opinions and projects will be shared with some 150,000 people worldwide who each month visit the IUCN website.    Each month, from now onwards, IUCN Europe will take you to a different country in the region to explore the biodiversity and efforts of IUCN Members and experts. This month, in light of the current 6-month Presidency of the EU Council, you are invited to learn more about Denmark and its nature. Check our homepage each month.    In this newsletter you will find the links to some of the highlights of this month’s Focus. From Albania to Armenia, from the Cayman islands to the European Parliament’s corridors in Brussels, learn about our efforts to re-connect people to nature. To start with, watch my video presentation on IUCN Europe’s plans for 2012.    Europe is in the spotlight this month. Don’t miss it out!   Happy reading,

Hans Friederich

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