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The Project "Countdown 2010: Development of an Eco-Village Network in Bosnia and Herzegovina on the border with Serbia and Montenegro" aims to better economic growth of local communities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro, while protecting biodiversity of local natural habitats.

Prokoško lake, Bosnia and Herzegovina Photo: Munever Salihovi?

The first eco-village project was implemented in 1995, and it involved only nine settlements. Today, twelve years later, there are over 15,000 settlements in which people’s lives are guided by the principles of sustainable living. Eco-villages are organized in a Global network of eco-villages (GEN) which enables mutual cooperation and exchange of information. The goal of project Countdown 2010: Development of an Eco-Village in Bosnia and Herzegovina on the Border with Serbia and Montenegro is the inclusion of the pilot villages in the Global network of eco-villages. The regions where the project will be implemented include:

  • The vicinity of Fojnica and Prokoško Lake on mount Vranica, Bosnia and Herzegovina;
  • Settlements Brzee, Vlajkovci, Kriva Reka and Ribari on mount Kopaonik, Serbia;
  • Settlement Podgora on mount Durmitor, Montenegro.

Although spatially segregated, these areas share similar natural environment and way of life. The common goals shared by said mountain regions simplify the development process as well as future mutual cooperation with respect to the proposed network of eco-villages.

Donor: Austrian Development Cooperation (ADC)
Partners: NGOs Most (Montenegro), Request (BiH) and Suncani vrhovi (Serbia). IUCN functions as contact partner for the donor and as facilitator for the project partner management team.
Time frame: January 2007 – August 2008
Contact person at IUCN:

Boris Erg

South-Eastern Europe 
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