Ecosystem services in France: volume one

The IUCN French National Committee has published the first volume of a series on ecosystem services in France in order to improve the general knowledge about them, and their integration into policies and projects throughout the French territories. This first volume is dedicated to definitions, characteristics and an evaluation at the national and international level.

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The French Committee has been conducting research on ecosystem services since 2008 in connection with various international activities. This work aims to provide a sound scientific base to guide policy decisions and help educate policymakers about the importance of maintaining ecosystem services in France. The objective of this publication is to develop recommendations to guide public policy so that ecosystem services can be preserved at all scales, from national to local level.

The Committee has released the first volume which presents the context of the research and the issues at hand: what is an ecosystem service, how to distinguish it from an ecological function, what are the broad categories of services provided, what are the main threats to ecosystems and the services they provide? Further, the concept is linked to main current topics such as the results of the MA (Millennium Ecosystem Assessment), the TEEB (The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity) study, and the discussions they have generated at European and national levels.

The Committee proposes in this volume to:

  • synthesize knowledge on the subject and make it accessible;
  • promote exchanges between actors;
  • take greater account of ecosystem services in policies and actions.

Focus has been placed on the responsibility of France connected with the significant natural wealth of its territory and the corresponding threats, by addressing methodological issues, particularly related to classification.

For related enquiries please contact Marion Péguin, Programme Leader, or Justine Delangue, Project Leader.

You can download the document (in French) here.

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