Economic value of groundwater and biodiversity in European forests

This study on the economic value of groundwater related ecosystem services of European forests includes an overview of payments for groundwater and its corresponding effects on biodiversity conservation. It analyses the ownership and financial compensation structure for the ecosystem services provided by groundwater resources in European forests and develops a suitable mechanism for establishing the economic value for the ecosystem services provided by groundwater.

Asturias, Spain Photo: Esther Vallado


  • Report with recommendations on the development of an EU mechanism for creating a market value for the ecosystem function of groundwater, including an overview of the policy framework and legal environmental structure for ownership of groundwater in Europe, data on the financial compensation strcuture for groundwater in different European countries and case studies for the economic valuation of ecosystem services of groundwater in different European countries.

Donor: European Commission, DG Environment
Project duration: 1 Jan 2008 – 30 June 2008
Contact person: Chantal van Ham

European Union
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