Economic Valuation of the Hima System: Bani Hashem Villages – Jordan

Scaling up the Hima System in Jordan is the aim. Experts from different fields gather to create criteria for potential Hima system upscaling in Amman. 


Experts were introduced to the economic valuation of the Hima system in Jordan that showed the value of rangeland productivity, water infiltration and reduced soil erosion.

Experts discussed the results and assumptions that were concluded from this study and focused on the importance of integrating local communities and the difficulties that may face the up-scaling of the Hima system in Jordan, such as controlling private lands.

The suggested criteria for up-scaling potential Hima systems found that the following issues should be considered:
• The land should be state land.
• The land should be rangeland.
• The rainfall should be less than 200 mm.
• Community proximately near the suggested area.
• The number of livestock in the area.

A field visit to Hima Bani Hashem site was thereafter arranged in order to take a closer look at the Hima system and meet some beneficiaries.

The IUCN economic expert also designed a questionnaire to estimate the full set of ecosystem services of Hima Bani Hashem aiming at putting some future scenarios for Hima system adaptation in Jordan. 

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