Ecological Network of Moldova

Project aims to support saving biological and landscape diversity in Moldova. To achieve this, IUCN and its member organization BIOTICA Ecological Society work on creation of the National Ecological Network and tend to insert biological and landscape diversity concerns into economic sectors, under Pan-European Ecological Network.


Moldova is situated in the central part of Europe within the Black Sea north-western region. Landscapes are heavily transformed due to agricultural expansion and dense rural population: agricultural area comprises around 75% of the country while forests cover 11%. Protected natural areas embrace only 4.65% of the country territory.

One of international biodiversity agreements that the Moldovan Government signed is the Convention on Biological Diversity with its European element being the Pan-European Biological and Landscape Diversity Strategy. The CBD imposes the development of national strategies and plans for conservation and sustainable use of biological diversity. Consequently the Parliament of Moldova adopted a “National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan”. The plan includes a creation of National Ecological Network, part of the Pan-European Ecological Network.


  • National Ecological Network created, as well as conditions for biodiversity restoration in Moldova
  • Biodiversity conservation legal framework improved
  • Links with other elements of the Pan-European Ecological Network built, especially through the cross border cooperation
  • Moldovan sector of the Pan-European Ecological Network created
  • Ecological networks introduced into sectoral policies
  • Public awareness on biodiversity and landscape conservation, and the sustainable use of nature resources improved.

Project title: Development of the National Ecological Network of Moldova as part of the Pan-European Ecological Network, with emphasis on transboundary cooperation

Donor: Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Partners: BIOTICA Ecological Society and Ministry of Environment of Moldova
Time frame: 1 December 2008- 30 June 2012
Contact person: Tomasz Pezold, IUCN Programme Office for South-Eastern Europe

Work area: 
Protected Areas
South-Eastern Europe 
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