EAZA Conservation Forum 2012

EAZA conservation forums enable discussion of conservation messages linking integration of zoos and aquariums with aspects of field conservation and research. The next event is in May 2012 in Austria.

The next conservation forum will be May 2012 in Austria Photo: EAZA

EAZA Conservation Forum 2012
22-25 May 2012
Hosted by Tiergarten Schönbrunn, Vienna, Austria

EAZA, the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria, represents and links 340 member institutions in 41 countries. EAZA’s mission is to facilitate cooperation within the European zoo and aquarium community towards the goals of education, research and conservation. One way EAZA achieves this mission is by hosting regular conservation forums.

EAZA conservation forums enable discussion of important conservation messages, especially those linking integration of zoos and aquariums with aspects of field conservation and research. The last conservation forum attracted a wide mix of delegates including EAZA members and IUCN representatives as well as non-zoo field conservation practitioners.

The EAZA Conservation Forum is focused around four key themes:

  • The extinction crisis in (Southeast) Asia
  • Conservation psychology
  • European conservation
  • Arid lands

The extinction crisis in (Southeast) Asia
This session will discuss issues leading to the Asian extinction crisis, conservation actions currently underway in the region and what zoos can do to alleviate the situation. The EAZA IUCN/SSC Southeast Asia Campaign will also be highlighted. Contributions are invited from field conservation experts conducting projects in the region as well as from zoos supporting/running programmes for (Southeast) Asian species.

Conservation Psychology
This session will be split into two; the first session will discuss conservation psychology involving visitors, keepers, sponsors etc. and look at how zoos can inspire the conservation ethic in their visitors. The second session will focus on ways conservation ethics can be inspired in local communities where projects are supported.

European Conservation
European zoos are well positioned to be in the front line to encourage and support conservation of many endangered species living in Europe. This session will involve presentations from zoos and conservationists working in Europe about their work.

Arid Lands
Deserts are among the harshest habitats on Earth yet can be teeming with life. However, even the hardy, adaptable species found in these environments need protection from threats such as encroaching development, hunting and invasive species. During this session there will be the opportunity for organisations working with desert programmes to draw attention to their work currently in progress, cooperative projects, and plans for future developments.

Part of each day will also be dedicated to small scale discussion workshops on a range of topics from how to measure conservation successes to fund-raising ideas.

If you are interested in presenting at or attending the ‘Love And Loss’: EAZA Conservation Forum 2012 please click here for registration and further details.

For more information, contact Myfanwy Griffith at Myfanwy.Griffith@eaza.net

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