Earth Charter Conference 'Ethical Framework for a Sustainable World'

An event marking the 10th anniversary of the Earth Charter starts 1 November in Ahmedabad.

1-3 November 2010 in Ahmedabad Photo: EC+10

This Conference is the major international event culminating the 10th Anniversary of the Earth Charter in the current year organised by CEE India in partnership with the Earth Charter International Secretariat. This conference will be held at CEE, Ahmedabad from November 1-3, 2010. The pre conference workshops will begin on October 30.

The EC+10 Conference aims to ensure that the principles enshrined in the Earth Charter are accepted and implemented. It seeks to provide a forum for people from a wide range of sectors to share and assess experiences as well as explore creative and effective ways to integrate EC principles into their practices.

The Conference will set the context for evolving appropriate techniques, processes and indicators relating to the application of the EC framework and principles within the larger canvas of Education for Sustainable Development.

It will seek to facilitate an invigorating consultative process through thematic workshops that will bring together thinkers and practitioners from a variety of sectors. The Conference plenaries will set the tone and pace for the more focused discussions and interactions.

Participants will include EC member associates, partners, users, UNESCO members / Education Ministries, NGOs, Youth, Youth Groups, Universities and other Academic institutions, Research institutions, Religious groups and Business and CSR groups.

The conference is being held with a view to do the following :

  • Strengthen efforts at making ESD central to education practice and training
  • Clarify the role the EC can play in education
  • Share experiences on the use of EC in education
  • Strengthen partnerships with the EC
  • Capture the spirit of the events related to EC + 10 and to use the ideas to discuss and launch the vision for the EC for the next decade (2011-2020)

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