E-book produced by IUCN / WCPA for the World Parks Congress

E-book concerns one of the major legacy projects for the World Parks Congress. Graeme Worboys is leading a team of writers and editors to produce a major new book on the basics of Protected Areas Governance & Management. The book is intended for both conservation students at tertiary level as well as professionals wanting a handbook. 


The book has different levels from introductory style chapters to help orient readers (particularly to areas they may not be familiar with, such as Sacred natural sites or extractive industry conflicts), all the way to quite technical chapters on PA Management Effectiveness, biodiversity monitoring tools, dealing with poaching and other 'hard' skills topics.

There are over 30 chapters to this book. The idea is that it is not bringing in new content but summarising the up to date information in the field of Protected Areas. All of the major issues of concern to CEESP are included, for example governance types, ICCAs, cultural landscapes, different protocols on different scales of land use and management categories, international rights norms and so forth.

Work area: 
Social Policy
West and Central Africa
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