Draft IUCN Protected Area Category Guidelines

Comments from members are welcomed


The IUCN Protected Areas Programme invites members to comment the Draft Guidelines for Protected Areas. The document is based on the papers prepared for the "Protected Areas Categories Summit" held in Almeria, Spain (May 2007) and the comments sent to the electronic discussion forum that took place before the Categories Summit. The definition of a protected area included in the draft Guidelines has been informed by input from dozens of WCPA members around the world. IUCN members are invited to send comments to the document until the end of February to Delwyn Dupuis ([email protected]).

After the consultation phase, the Guidelines will be field tested in a number of different countries and then discussed at the WCPA Steering Committee meeting in Cape Town in April. French and Spanish versions will be prepared and a final version will be published for release at the World Conservation Congress in Barcelona in October, 2008

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