Draft IUCN Programme for 2013-2016



Dear Members of IUCN,

It is my great pleasure to submit to you, for consultation, the draft IUCN Programme for 2013-2016.

We now mark the start of a five-month consultation process, where we look for your input to help shape this Programme that will eventually be carried out by our Members and Commissions as well as the distributed IUCN Secretariat.

This document is a result of extensive discussions that have taken place over recent months with the IUCN Council and representatives of IUCN Commissions.

I encourage you as IUCN Members to actively participate in the discussions about the draft Programme by attending the Regional Conservation Forum in your region (see schedule below) and/or by sending your comments in writing to programme@iucn.org by 10 October 2011 at the latest.

Once the consultation process is complete, the revised draft of the Programme will be considered and endorsed by the IUCN Council at its November 2011 meeting. The final draft of the Programme, will be sent out to the entire IUCN membership in January 2012 and submitted for adoption at the IUCN World Conservation Congress in September 2012.

The document is available on the IUCN website and the Members’ portal in English, and the French and Spanish translations will follow shortly.

I look forward to this next exciting phase in the development of our Programme and to hearing from as many of our more than 1,100 Members as possible.

With kind regards

Julia Marton-Lefèvre
IUCN Director General 

Schedule of 2011 Regional Conservation Forums:

Regional Conservation Forum Date 2011 Location
West Asia 2-5 May Kuwait City, Kuwait
South America 13-15 June Lima, Peru
Central and Western Africa 4-8 July Brazzaville, Republic of the Congo
Oceania 23-25 August Brisbane, Australia
PAN Europe 6-9 September Bonn, Germany
Canada 19-20 September Ottawa, Canada
Eastern and Southern Africa 20-22 September Johannesburg, South Africa
USA 21 September Washington DC, USA
Asia 27-30 September Seoul, Korea
North Africa 5-7 October Rabat, Morocco
Mesoamerica and the Caribbean 3-7 October Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Work area: 
Protected Areas
Protected Areas
North America
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