Donate a Super Garden in Haiti

On the occasion of World Food Day (16th October) IUCN Member Pro-Natura International, in association with the social enterprise JTS Semences, launched Super Garden for Haiti. The innovative, ecological and highly productive Super Garden was originally designed for Africa, and is a combination of the Improved Tropical Garden of JTS Semences and Pro-Natura’s biochar. The biochar-enriched Super Garden can provide food for a family of 10 in an area of 60m2 with a water saving of 80% compared to traditional methods.

Vegetable Garden

The result of 15 years of research and 30 years field experience the Super Garden designed for tropical climates,  is a mode of intensive and ecological vegetable cultivation that yields over one tonne of vegetables per year, providing families with a nutritious diet.
The production is constant throughout the year, irrespective of seasons, and will produce vegetables in approximately 5 weeks (short cycle vegetables). The system reduces the amount of labor required by 2 hours per day.
For more information on how to donate a Super Garden in Haiti please see the Pro-Natura website ,  download the attached documents, or send a message to:

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