Djerdap bats

The recently published book “The bats of Djerdap” released the latest data on Djerdap bats, a relatively poorly observed group of mammals in Serbia. The study proved the presence of 15 bat species in the country, amongst which the Mehely’s Horsehoe Bat (Rhinolophus mehelyi), one of the rarest bat species in Europe, classified Vulnerable by the IUCN Red List of Threatened SpeciesTM.  

Bechstein s bat (Myotis bechsteini) Rajkova Cave Photo: Zoran Milovanovic

The book was published by the Public Enterprise National Park Djerdap, the Institute for Nature Conservation of Serbia (IUCN Member) and the Veterinary Specialist Institute Kraljevo and it includes the results of the two-year long project “The research of Conditions and Protection of Bats in Speleological Locations in the Area of the National Park Djerdap”, implemented by the National Park Djerdap and the Institute for Nature Conservation of Serbia. It aims at drawing attention to the status of bats and the importance of their protection in Djerdap area whilst contributing to the general recognition of these mysterious and useful creatures in Serbia.

In order to better explain the biology and protection of bats, this book presents both local and general information on the number of bats, with special reference to the species present in Djerdap area. It is a useful reference book for the wider general public but also targets the smaller circle of experts interested in bat status and its protection challenges in Djerdap. “The bats of Djerdap” contains numerous photographs of bats and their roost sites taken during the recent surveys.

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